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crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

this amp... is awful! i was looking to recreate the beloved tones of my crate vintage club 50... and this amp was a huge disappointment. the gain stage is over the top... and the volume breaks up into gain territory as soon as you put it past 2. so basically, you're left with the gain channel of a tube amp and thats it. no sparkly class A tube tones... just very heavy distortion. i hear theres mods to clean it up... but theres also better amps you can buy. if you want to do metal solos with tube distortion at 3am in your moms house, this is your amp. for anything else, you need to upgrade.


it feels cheap, looks cheap, and sounds cheap... but its crate... so i dont question its longevity.

General Comments

this is just a really bad amp. plain and simple. ive heard sound clips of the modded v18s out there... and theres good tones in there... but stock, these amps are just bad. mine is sitting in the practice spot... a shameful reminder of the money i spent on a garbage amp. someday id like to try the mods people talk about... but for now, it makes a nice beer stand to put next to my real amps.

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