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Sound Quality

I use it with an acoustic ovation collectors series, acoustic hondo with a fishman gold plus pickup, and fender strat plus with red, silver, and blue lace pickups. I have a fender solid state 100 watt stage lead amp for the strat, and a peavey kb 100 amp for my acoustics. I don't plug in my acoustic guitars without it, I use it with my strat if I'm playing clean rhythm cords. I use it for some lead, but if I'm using distortion I don't use it. I basically use it when I want a clean sweet full sound. It sounds great, it is the only chorus pedal I've ever used, and sounds as good if not better than any other chorus effects pedal I've heard.


I've probably had it for 6 years now, and it has only broke once after dropping it on pavement. All I had to do to fix it was resoldier the potentiometer connections to the PCB. Other than that it has never let me down.

General Comments

I don't use this pedal to try to sound like anyone. I only use it to sweeten up my sound. All I can say is if it broke or got lost I would definitely buy one again. If something works good and aint broke don't replace it.

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