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Sound Quality

This unit tends to dominate whatever guitar and amp you are using. The effects are not what one would call transparent. That's fine if the unit has the sounds you want. It seems to do well with chorus, flange, various reverbs and delays. It has Trevor Rabin's detuned harmony from "Owner of a Lonely Heart". I liked the BOMB patch and another one that added a lower octave note to distortion.


Was reliable until the battery went out for a while. Then the power came back. It's probably not a good idea to rely on an effects unit for most of one's sound. Stuff happens to electronics that you can't fix on the fly. It held up on a short tour my buddy and I did.

General Comments

I learned through my experience with the 9030 that I prefer less heavy-handed effects. I now use a G Major. That suits my style better.

However, there are a couple specialized effects on the 9030 that I miss (it was stolen). So perhaps I will get another one at some time.

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