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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Sounds great, when you get the hang of it, I use it on both Gibsons and Fenders - It feels like an old marshall head with more upgradetd technology regardet to switching of patches etc. It doesnt make more noise than expected - cables , pickups etc also makes noise, but the amp itself is quite to be a tube preamp. You have to "tune" it in a bit, before getting it right. You should anyway set all tone controls to 0 (tone controls goes from - 6 to 6 = 12 steps) and volume to 10 and gain to 2 -4 before starting your sund development. The "effects" control from 0 -12 affects your sound a lot when set to over 5 - but I use a Digitech S100 delay and it works fine with me at 5. I have a Marshall 9200 Dual Monoblock at the end of this rig, wich gives a tremendeous marshall sound through a Behringer BG412S - or my modified marshall 1922 2x12" box.


I Think so - seems solid, and a lot of people uset - I havent heard about any breakdown due to noremal use. Its in a Rack, and it's protected.

General Comments

I Played for a lot of years, most rock and Blues - I Just baught it. There is An Swedish "tube doctor" : www.tommy-folkesson.nu that makes incredible modifications of this pre-amp. I will get him to modify it, then it uses more of the tube-sound, and it will sound better. You can allways buy triaxis or other stuff, but this box is easy to find on the used-market.


It has the features I need - nad thats enough. My rack is about 50 kg

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