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Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Here's where i took a risk, my main guitar was an ibanez jpm100p1 & a universe witch i used on a few numbers where a seven string was needed, the problem was the universe had a completly diferent sound and feel to the jpm, so i decided to go ahead & order the musicman jp7, i had never played or even held one of these before so didn't really know what to expect, one week later it arrived & wow opening the case the first thing i was thinking is if this thing plays & sounds as good as it looks we'are in buissness, THE SOUND: if you are familier with the ibanez jpm sound this guitar sounds very similer but bigger, both pickups on (inner coils) have that sweet strat sound slightly richer than the ibanez & doesen't sound thin at all, the bridge pickup on it's own has a roar to it that my ibanez lacked when using drive (awsome) the neck pickup has a great bluesy sound clean & when driven sounds very clear yet heavy great for sweaping & speedpicking, overall it has the same voice as the ibanez but bigger,hotter & i prefer it. the rig i use: mesa mk2 100w head 4x12 with g12 75 watt celestions sansamp psa1 preamp boss gx700 if your looking for jp's sound this setup really is convincing it can also get pretty close to john mitchell(arena).


from the build quality of this guitar i would think this thing will last a life time, as i play live most of the time i am considering fitting some strap locks just for piece of mind, as for a back up this guitar was originaly only going to be used for a few numbers when a 7 string was needed but this is the only guitar i use now as it beats every other guitar i own. i still have the ibanez on stage just incase i brake a string.


General Comments

i have been playing for around 15 years & if it was stolen i would definatly buy the same guitar again.

Reviewer's Background

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