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Sound Quality

Presets are just perfect, and the tails etc are easily edited. Doesn't seem to get eaten up by the usual DAW mix bus choking.



General Comments

It hasn't crashed, and has variable CPU load settings. I love that it sounds and feels like a "large format" outboard reverb.

Reviewer's Background

I've been making music on large format consoles/ recorders/ outboard gear etc for over twenty years, have a pretty respectable wall of gold and platinum. I changed recently to Nuendo (2.2.39 on a p4, 3 ghz) , after becoming frustrated with the Digidesign "hardware depreciation" trap . A month ago I installed the Wizoo W2 reverb, and this plug in is a seriously musical piece of work. I have honestly never heard a plug in reverb as good. I have sold my AMS RMX 16, so there!! I monitor & mix by summing pairs through an Amek console, KRK E8 monitors with sub, and Yamaha NS 10 m's.

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