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Sound Quality

I've tried a Laney TF320 and a really old amp with this unit, and it is great on the Laney and ok on the old one. It can be noisy if you want, but silent if you don't! All the effects seem to sound good as far as I have played. I ahve a Fender Squier Affinity that I use and it's perfect. As this was second hand it had some cool effects that I like, Green Day, Offspring, KoRn Guns n Roses and Blink 182, really great sounding.


I can edpend fully on this, it has a power supply with it and has a backlit display for high visibility. I would use this at a gig on it's own and be happy.

General Comments

GREAT! I would reccomend if you can't afford the Boss GT-3. A fair match, with less effect banks, but the same features and live editing!

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