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Sound Quality

I sold my gt6 to get the Intellifex and i did well!!It's in another league,I could tell the difference straight away, especially with high gains settings on my amp,the gt6 couldn't simply cope,this one is brilliant.The reverbs are great,spacious,smooth,natural,I tried First of all:this unit doesn't colour your guitar sound at all,it is very transparent,it does what it's supposed to do:bring an extra dimension to your sound,it doesn't suck it!I tried all the reverb pedals on the market and none of them comes near the intellifex,let alone the gt6.It's the only unit for this sort of money that I found has good reverbs,and I'm very peaky,I hate the digital crap from other units such as boss,digitech... The Choruses are fantastic,every one should find happiness here.Very clear,spacious,so nice... Delays are top notch too.


I've had it for a month or so,no problem so far

General Comments

I haven't looked back since,it's a bargain.

If u need a floorcontroller get the Behringer one,perfect match.

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