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Sound Quality

I'm using this with a Yamaha Pacifica Strat w/Duncan pickups and a Washburn J28CSe acoustic/electric through a Peavey Bandit as well as a SoundTech self-contained PA for stereo sound. The sound is awesome! Most of the included patches sound great, but you can, of course modify them. Especially significant are the octave, auto-wah, and the univibe. Compared to the Boss GT-3 and the DigiTech RP-2000 there is no comparison in SOUND QUALITY. That is what it's about isn't it? Sound quality.


Only have it a little while, but it seems to be built OK. Compared to the Danelecto, Marshall, and DOD pedals it replaced is a tough comparison.

General Comments

If you're looking to replace a bunch of old and/or new stompboxes, or are just starting out, you can't possibly go wrong with this system. I'd say there are sounds there for everyone. I play classic rock and 60's rock&roll and it fit's me fine. There are even some Nirvana, Bush type sonds for the younger crowd.

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