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Sound Quality

This amp rocks. The distortion channel is quite impressive for amp distortion, although when I bought this amp, I already owned a Metal Zone pedal, so I continue to use the pedal (sounds great through this amp). It is VERY quiet at high volumes when you're not playing anything. I am in a band, and I used this a few days ago at a practice...damn it was absolutely perfect. This amp is really bassy. REALLY. Of course, you can change all of that with the EQ on the clean channel...but still...I have the low at 5, mid at 4, and high at 4.5. This seems to work, but I haven't played around with this amp's EQ much. But I did have the low set at 7 or 8 one time, and it shook the whole room. :-) The reverb is nice, although this is my first amp with reverb. Sometimes I can't notice it, but I really don't know what to be listening for on the reverb part (I know the effect, but I don't know if this is good or not). Still, it adds a nice touch to the sound. The chorus is AWESOME! I wanted to get a chorus pedal and a new amp, but this amp had chorus included, I checked it out, and I love it! I use chorus on everything clean I play now (which is why I need to buy a footswitch). Anyways I usually turn the depth to 10 and the rate to 1. When the rate is up high, it sounds weird, but I dunno, you may be looking for that sound. Anyways it's great. This amp makes my setup sound very nice indeed. Great amp, I definately recommend it.


Well I've only had it for a few weeks. But so far, it's done just fine. Seems to be built very well. The only thing is that every time I put the amp down, it sounds like something is breaking/moving around in the back. I think I know where it's coming from, it hasn't been a problem yet, but the sound of it just worries me. So sometime I may look back there and see what I can do. Not a problem though. I've had the amp for a short time so I won't rate this section.

General Comments

I have been playing for 8 months. I listed my setup above. I have a Peavey Red Raptor guitar and a Peavey RAGE 158 amp as backups.


If this amp was stolen, I'd find whoever took it, and beat the crap outta them. Then, I'd take the amp, of course. Heh.


It sounds great, a really nice buy, I compared it to a Fender Champion 30, Marshall MG30RCD, Crate GFX30, a few other amps, and this one rocked the most.


It is a great buy, I love it, go ahead and go for it!


I recommend getting a footswitch for it, though. But it's a great amp. Versatile, loud, cool-looking, great-sounding...it rules.

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