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Sound Quality

Well this is another tough question. You see the deal with the BuzzBox is this - The answer to this question will differ significantly depending on who you ask. In the words of Paul Simon - 'One mans ceiling is another mans floor...' Likewise, Some people will turn this pedal on and think 'Oh shit - what have I done?'. Some will think 'Thats an ..erm...interesting sound'. Others,like me,will be over the moon at what it does. This sound of this pedal is ugly. Its Butt ugly. Its sooo ugly my cat won't stay in the house when I use it! To the question is it noisy? You bet your arse it is! I use the BuzzBox with a Tele into loads of other wierd pedals through a Carlsboro amp. For more info and pics checkout http://nadzb.tripod.com/thepedallair/ The pedal produces a massive,brittle distortion plus a two octave down pitchshift. It looks like a wasp and sounds like one too in some settings. It does a very cool fart noise and combined with a whammy pedal it can do the sound of those super cool little MicroMachines from the Sega game! I use a DOD Envelope filter with the BuzzBox.I can safely say that you get the most convincing duck impersonations using this combination. A cool trick it does is to pick up your voice when you speak and to transmit it through your amp - thats how loud it can go! You can run a mic through it too - ever seen the 'wizard of oz'? Wanna know how to sound like the Wizard? Buy a Buzzbox and find out. You may know that Buzz Ozbourne AKA King Buzzo of the Melvins designed the Buzzbox so if you want to hear this pedal in action listen to some Melvins stuff. As you may have gathered the FX33 is a weird pedal and will suit the experimenting types amongst you down to the ground - needless to say though - Boring blues types or Shredders need not apply!


DOD have always served me well. Good switch,Nice metal box and everything seems sturdy enough.

General Comments

I LOVE THIS PEDAL. It is my favourite stompbox of alltime and I will never let it go. It took me ages to find too. The BuzzBox is now assured of cult status amongst alternative guitarists due its early deletion in about 1996. The fact I found one in 2001 still new is a one in a million chance. The pedal is rapidley becoming a collectors item so if you want one - act fast. Its full of ridiculous noises and inspires me no end. Some will say its not very useable - true, but the sounds it does do can make even the tamest of songs a monster gonzo distortion noise fest from hell!

Long live the BuzzBox - The alternative guitarist's TS-808??? I reckon it could well be.

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