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Sound Quality

I use a Richwood Telecaster, Keiper Les Paul and a Marshall amp (75 Reverb), and place the effect in my effectloop. When on, it does the octave-thing, but no quite loud. The effect only works to a severel tone hight, I guess it quites when I'm playing an E on 12 on high E string. When the effect is off you can still hear a little bit of octave sounds, very annoying, especcialy when playing with earphones. I don't really like the sound + it's noisy + it's not completely off = a 4


Allways working, but can't use it on a gig because on it's own it's worthless. I now use two octavers at the same time. The DOD and a Behringer Ultra Octaver. Both using alone is crap, but together they make very weird (this time: nice!) sounds. Especially nice when playing a solo without any backing guitar or bass.

General Comments

I play simple rock, white stripes-style. So I like octavers, it makes the solos a bit 'bigger', because I am the only guitarplayer in the band that's nice. For this price after all, it's okay, especially when using my other octaver.



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