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E Olson

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Les Paul & LP Jr thru a Bandmaster & Traynor YBA-1. I can't believe this pedal. It sounds like a Tubescreamer should. I'm using this to run with my Barber LTD pedal with my Bandmaster's (66 & 68). It's has amazing tone. I've never tried anything form Digitech because of their name "DIGITECH" not very Rockin or organic sounding. Bad Monkey isn't much better. It could be called Butt Monkey for all I care. This pedal Rules. Thin Lizzy - AC/DC....yeah!


It weighs about 3 lbs.

General Comments

I play Hard Rock/Punk Rock. Non-Master volume amps for me from here on out. I've been on a pedal hunt for the past 2 months. If it's an Overdrive pedal I've tried it (belive me)!

I didn't expect this pedal to sound this good. It sounds like a Reverend DriveTrain with less gain. I think these sell for $40 new.

Why can't Boss make a pedal that sounds this good, without he shitty high-end shrill & suck out the low-end.

I'll keep this pedal forever. For $29 off Ebay I can't believe it.

Smooth Tube like Overdrive from a company named Digitech, I never knew!


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