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Sound Quality

I have several setups that I used the SGX with. I used to run it into 2 Mesa Boogie MkIIB's. Left Amp, Right Amp I even tried the power amp in on each to let the SGX become King Bufoo Preamp. I retired that stage system. Boogies should be straight up no junk. The SGX stands by it self so I changed my thinking It is a bonafide Preamp why double preamp? I now run it through a Ramsa 150watt stereo amp into a 2x12 Marshall cabinet modified to send the power amp Left to one speaker Right to the other. I've always known that was the right way but to Boogies on stage I guess got you some compliments or chicks or whatever. It's less amp specific this way, and I can just get a no predetermined reference for recording via mic. Once in a while I'll add a Fender Twin in mono from instrument split, oo something different. The comp is marginal but necessary for line in recordings Volume inserts pre or post makes it all worth it The distortions are best in combination with the 12AX7 & the solid state modelling. Explained in the Manny. I have recorded many TV generics straight off the SGX XLR's. Very cool & ultra easy, but not as nice as through the phase coupling of a mic in front of a speaker. All and all the most profitable way to record. I even used it as a DI then model through IK Amplitube, or a re-mic. I seldom record FX from line record. Except the delays. Volume swells are part of the performance. I usually add them later from something else. The reverbs are marginal for recording, but fine for live in front of the beer folk. The 3 EQ stages are absolutely the best for creating all sorts of filter distortion madness. The digital side runs out of DSP engine very quickly, so pick yer fave as you can't combine as much as the new copy units can. The optional X15 board van bring stomp box decisions. A must have if you want fast control. The unit can emulate certain gutarists. But it's just better to hire them. I Think is was cool when I had Jeff Healy come into the studio and there was a patch in his honour. He didn't like it! I rebuilt my own to suit his needs. check out the SGX in action http://wildt.ca/video.html Believe me the sounds are in your hands not the SGX!! Nothing is a miracle worker


Oh Yeah! Yellowknife -45 degrees you couldn't read the LCD for a couple of hours but the SGX worked by showtime. The horizontal IN/OUT sliders are always scratch since day one. A warranty repair later it still scratchy. I think they have small amount of current present in the design. Just leave them at nomianl detent and you're fine. Having an amp on stage is a backup. If your an FX player that relies on trails, where a condom for protection with or without an SGX

General Comments

I play all kinds, mostly rock and/or roll, I guess. I also produce local artists. Can't play all the time.

I've been playing since I was 11 years young. I'm 44, you do the math, I'm too old there was no calculator in the SGX. I own alot of undesireable guitars & older gear that kicks about. I like trying new gear to keep me young and help me through mid life crisis. I'm still married so my wife understands.

I think I've got my run with the SGX. They're not worth much anymore so NO I wouldn't replace it, but I would want it to go to a nice home and not some bargain bin. My nephew, said I can still shred so it's gotta be worth something.

There's lotsa companies that ripped the SGX off by now. So depreciation isn't an issue, it has been very good to me.

Line6/POD's Boss GT-8's Digitech GNX's etc have combined Digital Signal Processing tone & flexibilty, but the SGX still goes to 11, check the input knob.

Versatility has kept this thing a float for me.

I hate that ART gave up on the guitar market and went Prosumer Audio.

They at one time were MXR.

For 14 gear years it's a Powerful tool. Still stands up against some of the new multi boxes. But if someone came along that appreciated it's value I would make way for another experiment. what's new to you is old to someone else.

Nothing comapared at the time! It is not as transparent as the new stuff. Kinda murky actually. Shhh, Don't tell I always used a Rocktron Exciter in the first effect loop.

It's paid for many times over, even though I bought it new at the Research & Development overpriced start in 1991.

I've always made a splash with it. Ten years from now someone will consider it vintage and earn a spot in a Guitar Player forum somewhere.

Simon Cowell would approve, the bastard!


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