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Sound Quality

Sounds great since you can dial it in to near perfection. I run this with my LP & Lp Jr thru a Carvin & Mesa. It is killer for boosting solo's. Over the years I've found that Midrange is your best friend if you want your solo's to cut through. This pedal works great for Hard Rock/Punk Rock.


Boss pedals last! The switch might go out, that's about it.

General Comments

For a Dirt/Crunch AC/DC tone this pedal is great for boosting leads.


I only use 1 channel amps & like one tone 100% of the time when playing live. If you play Hard Rock, have good tone pumping thru your amp & don't want more gain on top of your leads this pedal is one answer. I've tried just about every pedal on the market. My favorite is the Barber LTD. For now the LTD is at home in its box & the GE-7 is being used for live situations. The GE-7 doesn't sound like the LTD, but it does give a nice boost & a bit of gain if you peg the volume.

Boost the Mids, electric guitars are not your home stereo. You don't want the EQ settings in a V. Boost the Mid & you'll be happy with this pedal. Boss has been hit & miss with me. This is a great pedal, spend 5 minutes & dial it in.


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