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Vox Cooltron CT01DS Bulldog Distortion Pedal

Sound Quality

This effect covers a lot of space for me in copying sounds,like creedence,or trower,it also allows me to do things like organ type sounds,it works very well with my EV chorus.I am presently using this in a chain that includes a BBE boosta grade,35 year old thomas organ co. crybaby,marshall comp,tube works tube driver{it is the cats *ss} Onerr delay, Boss PS-2.EV chorus,Vibravox,Radial A/B box,fender stage tuner.I run these into a Vox ad50vt,and a Peavey classic 50 4 10.For guitars I use a 94 mexican strat with new pots and switch,and a 64 strat that has been much abused and tinkered with.There is some slight noise when the effect is on,but only when running gain boosting type effects.I like this effect,but I have not always liked many other of this type,and I avoided them for decades.So far this is real good to use


I don't know if I can depend on it.I also know there is no effect I need so bad that I couldn't play without it.

General Comments

I play blues,rock,ska,punk,funk,country if I can't escape,metal,clean,dirty,quiet,loud, louder.so far it does ok.I have been playing for many moons,many many many moons.I have owned altogether a crappload of amps,fender, marshall,peavey,vox Kustom roll and pleats,sunn,etc.... if this were lost or stolen I would turn the amp up and plug strait in.Untill I could get another.I love the tone and two speeds,I hate that they actually thought that any one would be dumb enuff to put 20 bucks worth of batterys in it.I love the Ramp up and down.I compared it to the Boss rotating speaker emulater thing,It was good but I have been trying to get new effects that are true bypass.I play the guitar,effects add color but do not help or get in the way.

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