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Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 15w 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

i have found i can get a good selection of tones from it using my board.it is very good for clean sounds and it will rock.i set the amp wih the master and channel volume at half,the treble i set at one clock,and the bass i set at 11 o clock. this gives a good usable clean sound which will drive when i use my tubedriver or my comp.they each cause a differrent type of overdrive,very pleasing.for some reason this amp has a very nice reverb,i have seen some which did not.i have played a 64 strat a 94 strat and dean hollowbody jazz type guitar that has humbucks through this amp.they all worked very well with it.it s not to noisey and works within the styles i play in.


i do not know if this amp will hold up,but my other vox is doing very well.

General Comments

i have played for over 30 years.i have had fender marshall peavey sunn ampeg etc.. i would get another of these if somthing happened to it.i love its simplicity.i like the stock wharfdale speaker,i tried out one with the blue speaker,it was wonderfull for clean stuff but sounded brittle when driven.i dont like the short cuts it materials like pots and knobs.but as long as it works i will live with it.i have not seen a problem with the tolex covering others have spoken of.but then again i invested in covers for my vox amps

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