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Tube Works Real Tube Overdrive Pedal

Sound Quality

i can get what i need to cover a wide range of tones and styles.this works well with my strats,or my dean,which has humbucks.i use a vox ad50vt,ac15,and/or a peavey classic 5o 4-10.this effect is fairly quiet unless you also use the comp,then it will hiss.also it does not like neon lites.but i will try to turn off as many as the place will let me.


i have used this continuesly since 1990.i have changed the tube 3 times.this last time i put in an EH 12ax7.it rocks

General Comments

i play blues,rock,etc..... it always sounds good.i have been playing since 1968.i have owned a vast pile of stuff.i wish all of that had been this good.if this were lost,or stolen i would track down the culprit and leave him just enough life to warn others not to f**k with my stuff. i am currently looking for another of these just in case.i love the sound it brings,it makes a bad rig sound good,a good rig sound great.what i hate about it is it is easy to bump the knobs out of adjustment,i have giant feet.it works,it rocks,it rules.

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