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Sound Quality

Guitar-Transfer, USA performer series (Fender wannabe)(It's definately not made in the US),in a Fender Bullet reverb amp. Never found it to be too noisy Everything is fine except the little distortion hik and those bizarre special FX, Hmm, more precisely the third one, Metallic... Strange Not tried to hard to reproduce other peoples sounds, mine were always good enough! Distortion a bit iffy, pitch shifter creates a dalay effect... not good. and the last FX sucks + the majority of the artists patches also suck, that could have been extra space for my patches. Other than that they are all seamless.


100% reliable on power, provided the wire is good Wouldn't be reliable if i stepped on it! The batery was dead on arrival, never bought a new one, never even thought about it. The foot controller is a bit too flimsy, the wire that hooks it up to the main unit looks like it was made for Barbie. I'm still waiting for someone to walk on, and obliterate it!! lol Had some issues with the microswitches in the controller too. Sometimes I'd press 2 and patch 4 would come on. For that reason alone I'd never use it out.

General Comments

I'll give anything a go, It's fine for that.

8 years on and off, AS said Copy fender, fender mp and a crybaby. I rely on the amp distortion, it has more grunt.

Hmm, tough question, It's so cheap now I'd probably get one for the fun of it, but other than that, not really.

I love that it's so unusual and compact, most of the sounds are good. It's fine foe a home setup and headphone fun.

Haven't really compared it. Chose it coz it was going cheap. My neighbour couldn't deal with editing the patches.

Wish it had a Wah attached to the foot controller + a sturdy connecting wire, Backlighting would be handy too on the display.

Put into a reinforced floor unit instead would probably be safer.

I've had it for 7-8 years, loads of fun and lots of noise, good noise though.

If you have cash going spare, buy one.

If you're anovice, buy one, explore the effects, then you can spank out on dearer and more specialised analogue gear.

Long live music

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