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Sound Quality

I've had MXR 6 band and 10 band eq's, a Pearl 8 band and 2 of these units, one Japanese and one Taiwanese. I couldn't tell any difference between the 2 Boss units. I use it for volume boost and sometime for modifying my tone a bit, especially to balance tone through my different amps. I use a Fender Mustang, Jaguar and Strat (all Japanese) through a 1970s Vase Trendsetter valve head (with Marshall 210), a Peavey Classic 30 and a Fender Super 210 all valve. Pedals are always changing but there's usually a Boss LM-2 limiter, DS-1, GE-7, LS-2 line selector, AW-2 auto wah, Dunlop wah and Marshall EchoHead delay (FANTASTIC delay). I can't hear too much extra noise from, unless I go rank with the high frequencies. Used in moderation, it is excellent.


Boss 10/10. This is probably my 40th Boss pedal and not one has ever given me trouble. I've had 3 Washburn pedals- all had reliability issues. Zoom, likewise. Korg, ditto. DOD/Digitech...the same. Boss are just unbelieveable.

General Comments

I play mostly alterante/indie stuff, although I can't think that this pedal would especially one genre over another. Great little package, if used sparingly. It irritates me when people complain about it getting 'boomy' when they turn the bass up or 'shrill' when they boost treble. Be careful what you wish for...

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