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Sound Quality

i'm playing a yamaha pac 812W through a compressor, the EQ and the Chorus (i tried the chorus placed before the EQ and it didn't make a big diff.) into a roland BC 30/210. Most of the time i play clean and that is where i need this EQ. It helps me to cut through the rest of the band better. Just i bit more treble and slightly more bass. I use it for minor adjustments and there is no hiss, but if u put the levels all the way up there will be a considerable amount of noise! I don't think the EQ affects the original sound of my guitar if not on.


ok, i think. just bought it.

General Comments

it is a good EQ. it helps u to make the last adjustments on your sound. u could go for a new amp and guitar or new pu's or u could buy this eq. besides that it make's your sound more versatile. but it is not like some other guys stated 'wow what a big difference'! maybe with crappy gear it is, but if your guitar and amp are allright it shouldn't make such a big difference. it has the same effect as the bass, mids and treble knobs on your amp only u can make bigger adjustments.

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