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Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal

Sound Quality

My guitar is a 2004 Hamer Standard Import (Explorer shape) with two hot humbuckers. My amp is a solid state Peavey Supreme half stack. I run an Analogman SD-1/808 into a EHX Little Big muff after the wah with various modulation effects in the effects loop. A strange setup it might be, but it works for me. Since this wah is almost 35 years old, it surprised me that the noise was reduced dramatically with the mod. The power jack makes it so that I don't have to use batteries anymore and I can leave it on my board plugged in all the time. This wah can do anything with a little tweaking from heavy rock solos to nasally funk riffs. It blows the fasel wah out of the water for sure, and this wah has the TDK still in it.


In addition to the sound mods, he also tightened up the foot rocker that I mentioned above. Thing beautiful piece of equipment looks like its been through hell and back, but I feel it will keep on keepin' on for years to come

General Comments

When I give reviews about anything, if I talk it up , I definitely mean it. I have had this pedal for a few months so that the "newness excitement" wore off a little before writing this review. I feel that people give great reviews before they have had a chance to wear the product in. In conclusion, Gary from Garmopat is the real deal. He really cares about his customers and the products they buy from him. I look forward to doing business with him in the future.

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