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Sound Quality

I play mostly vintage folk and rock with some blues and a little finger style thrown in for good measure. This is a very balanced well playing guitar that has gotten better all the time. It has opened up into one of the best Mahogany guitars I have ever owned. The sound is warm, and clear with very clean mids and highs.


I've used this guitar live for the last year and it has stood up great. My bass player has bumped me several times and the only ding is the size of a pencil lead when sharp. The finish is very durable, and doesn't show up finger prints and smuges like a gloss finish, and it allows the guitar to open up faster. I never gig without a backup, but could probably get away with it. The guitar stays in tune set after set, and sounds great with D'addario lights on it. I added the neck strap button and a set of sterling silver bridge pins. The pins made a major difference in tone, a little brighter and smoother, better sustain. plus they look great.

General Comments

I've played off and on for 35 years and own way to much gear to list. If this were lost or stolen I would get another one. Love how simple and clean it looks, how the wood is so nicely matched, and the tone. Hate the frets, they suck, but it has traveled and being wood is subject to the variables of weather. I have owned Martins, Gibsons and other high dollar guitars but for a great tone and playability I haven't owned any better.

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