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Sound Quality

Good to great depending on the amount of time you are willing to work on the settings to create the exact sound you seek. Great for recording direct. Distortion, while good, is kind of lacking - or just doesn't deliver the particular distortion I seek (ball bearings in a tin can). I do get alot of squealing unless I back off the treble and gate it. My rig is the Art Express through a MosValve MV962 driving two Marshall 1922s.


The Express has great reliability. I had to replace the foot-board pedal "sensing strips" - these plastic strips that have black stripes so that the sensor sees these stripes when you press the pedal. Not really a good design for where things can get thrashed. Mine creased so they wouldn't fit through these narrow little slits. The unit has spent eight years in a salt-air environment (on the coast of CA) including spending months (well ok, two years) recording on a yacht and continues to work.

General Comments

I play kind of punk/metal/blues so my tone now is just a couple of custom patches - I'm 75% pleased with what I've got. I do get alot of


- and this unit delivers. I've built patches on the Express that were pretty damn close to samples (ie a piano patch).

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