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DOD FX747 Super Sonic Stereo Flanger

Sound Quality

I run a variety of guitars through my effects chain (Fulltone FD2, Ibanez GE9, Univox Super Fuzz, Tech21 XXL, Musitronics Mutron III, DOD FX747, Ibanez PT9, Roland Space Echo 301). I plug into an Orange Rocker 30 or a Fender Twin Reverb. Clean, I can get anything from beautiful subtle or hard flanging, to a filtered chorus sound, to vibrato, phaser sounds, and special effects. Dirty, this thing can sound huge. I absolutely love it. I think it's a crying shame some DOD effects are so underrated. This unit sells on ebay for criminally cheap. This is an American product, yet it's so shamefully dissed when compared to other foreign flangers that are considered "vintage" and don't come even close to this unit.


No problems at all.

General Comments

I play rock. As I've mentioned, I've owned this thing for a decade, so I'm way past the honeymoon period. I own two other flangers, both vintage: an Ibanez FL301 from the late 70s, and an AC-powered DOD 670 from 1980. Out of these three flangers, the FX747 wins, hands down. Don't let anyone tell you that vintage is necessarily better. I own a bunch of vintage effects, some great, some not so great. I don't know why the American-made DOD effects are considered less desirable or valuable, while Ibanez, Boss and other foreign-made effects are considered superior. I've been playing for over 20 years, and I have a ton of experience with effects and gear. The 747 is an incredible flanger, and I will never get rid of mine. Buy one and spread the word.

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