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Sound Quality

The sound quality is adequate for my purposes, except for the half second or so of silence every time I change programs. Turning individual effects like distortion on and off in the middle of a song works okay, but changing whole programs while playing isn't really possible without the delay.


Both the demo I used before I got a new RP-5 and the new unit I ultimately purchased have the same problem: they tend to flip out (flash strange nubers on the display and stop producing sound, which is bad, because that's what they're for) from time to time (perhaps once a month or so). The only way to get the unit to work again is to reset the memory and destroy all of the patches that have been programmed. A solution is to write down the settings for all of your patches, but it is still quite a task to reenter all of them, and I can't imagine what would happen if the RP-5 decided to conk out in the middle of a performance. Right now my RP-5 is at Digitech being "fixed" under warranty. I don't know if this problem can be fixed, since it doesn't seem to be unique to my unit. However, the "loaner" I'm using while my RP-5 is in the shop hasn't flipped out yet.

General Comments

The RP-5 isn't too expensive, and it certainly produces a lot of different effects. For a while I was trying to figure out how to get rid of it and buy another effects processor, but all the other units I looked at lacked one feature or another that the RP-5 has. The delay when changing programs is annoying, but if my RP-5 has stopped flipping out when it comes back from the factory, I'll be happy.

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