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Sound Quality

Fender USA with a Seymore Duncan Hotrail bridgepickup and Texas special mid and neck pickups, into a Jim Dunlop Cry-Baby, into my Marshall 8080 (Valvestate). Noise : non existant on clean settings, but with multipple effects it sometimes just get's away with it (Especially Flanger). Distortions are pretty straigtforward but kick in the EQ and you're in distortion heaven ! Sweep the mid-range (if you dare) and your off into a wide variaty of eardrum-piercing tones. Chorus is nice (Fatten's yer sound) and compression is great. The best effect must be the delay which,as a solo-guitarist, adds greater dimension to my overall leadsound. Pink-Floyd, no problem (Watch out Dave...) Deep Purple, Santana, Guns 'n Roses, Radiohead, Pearl Jam,... you name it. I even managed to recreate Mister Steve Vai's Sound without the Eventide !!!!(Phew) Noise reduction tends to cut your sound a little too much, but only when you have to put a higher tresshold because of erky pickups. My advice: get a good guitar (!!Pickups!!!)and this unit sounds fantastic


Stomp it, Kick it, chew on it.... and you might break your foot or dental structure. It evens swallows beer, softdrinks without belching

General Comments

Excellent value for money, but get yourself a decent guitar because with my squier strat it didn't sound that great, good, but not great.

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