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Sound Quality

The sound is great, bright high end, throaty bass, good projection. The sound is not as good if you are sloppy, amplifies the errors. Sounds better strumed, not hedges-ed on. The action is a little high for lead/blues work. I have a DR-28 that I can pretty much beat on, a great guitar, in fact it sounds better thashed on. The sound of the D-03 is more of a James Taylor, or strummy Greatful Dead, Jimmy Buffet. Micheal Hedges will sound better on something else. Don't get me wrong the sound is F-ing great. I prefer to write using this guitar. It's very silimar sounding to the Taylor 310, the action is a little diff.


General Comments

The Larrivee D-03 is a great value in solid top guitars. I've had comments on how good it sounds. I personally like the ordinary looks, especially the clear pick gaurd. I would look at the Taylor 310 or the Martin D-28, maybe the Gibson J-45. They all sound diferent, Taylor 310 is probably the closest.


I have 5 guitars. I love my DR-28, Epi Les Paul Custom, Morgan Monroe Resonator, and my red headed step child beater camp tosser, can't remember her name.... I think I love the Larrivee too, obviously more than the step child, especially the tone. The DR-28, I got 20+ years ago, the action is great, the sound is what it is, we've been together so long it's really more of a relationship. The Epi LP has more play-ability than any guitar I have ever played. The Morgan Monroe is a resonator, what a great slide guitar, especially if you are stoned.


The Larrivee D-03 has an inspiring tone, it's a real notch up, very noticible. It's a few shekels less than a Taylor or Martin, but it's in the same category, action may be a little higher, the sound may be a little better. If you are going for a solid top check it out, also check out the Taylor 310, and the Martin D-28.


Want an inexpensive, good sounding, not solid wood, guitar get a Washburn.

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