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Bob Bayer

Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

This guitar has all the Gretsch tone I expected. The bridge pickup is twangy while the neck is full and rich. Both pickups put out a very balanced tone. When played through my Crate VC30 it gives me all the blues and classic rock sounds I'm looking for. My son ran it through his Rocktron Zombie and his 100 watt Epiphone Triggerman half stack and it screams!! With the right pedal this guitar can play anything.


I believe that this guitar will hold up to regular gig use. It doesn't have as thick of a top or as heavy internal bracing as a 6120, but it also doesn't have a $2000 price tag either. Over all I think it is a well made durable guitar that I can pass on to my kids and them to theirs.


General Comments

I have only been playing for a few years. I also repair and modify all types of guitars. My kids and I own several other guitars and amps. I actually traded in 4 that we rarely play to get this one and a case. One of which was a Jay Turser 335 style semi hollow body that I had up graded with several parts. Once I got the 5120 home everyone forgot all about the ones we got rid of. My only wish is that it came with a case instead of having to by one. If this guitar was ever stolen I would replace it with another just like it!!!

Thanks to Fred Gretsch for putting out a beautiful guitar at a price that wont have the wife filing for divorce!

Reviewer's Background

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