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Sound Quality

It is noisy by nature. It doesn't make much of a bass distortion pedal, which was what I had been hoping for. You tweak it so that it isn't very distorted or scratchy, but you loose most of the effect. It is basically good for a lot of bass, like if you're into really shaking things with your bass. It adds tons of low end STUFF.


It is built better than most tanks. It is the standard DOD construction; rugged. You can't break it even if you want to.

General Comments

I probably wouldn't buy it again. The only cool sound that I've managed to get out of it was when I was playing around with my 6-string J-bass and a Boss OD-1 Overdrive pedal and the Meatbox. I was just fiddling with the knobs, and I managed to get the bass to howl like a banshee on all of the notes, yet it still shook the paintings off the walls because of the sub-harmonic tones created by the Meatbox. It sounded kinda cool. I wouldn't use that sound in any song though. The bass that this thing adds is pretty good, though. If you're looking to get a "deep, fat" sound out of your bass, this pedal can help a little. Usually when you try to make it sound really "fat" it gets slightly distorted. The only real use for it is to make your bass shake things more, which isn't all that useful.

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