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Sound Quality

I'm not sure why the average rating in this category is so low...I looked at every single review and there were only two or three that rated this guitar below an eight for sound. If anyone flames this guitar for sounding bad, they're either deaf or don't know how to play a guitar. That being said, this guitar has a beautiful sound to it. Dark, warm, and mellow, very rich and harmonious, maybe a tad muddy (but in a good way). If you're looking for something sharp and crisp that cuts through in a mix, this certainly isn't the right guitar. I've tried micing it a few times with condensers to use it live, but I honestly think it sounds its best when it's unplugged. I've used it for some straight acoustic sets and around a campfire and it truly sounds gorgeous. The solid wood top is nice in the sense that it ages. The more this guitar gets played, the more it ages, and the more it ages, the better it sounds. The guitar isn't plastered with lacquer either, so the wood really gets a chance to vibrate.


Like I said before, the nut falling off was the only problem I ever had with this guitar. There's not really much to break on it, but everything is solid. I've been playing this guitar for almost six years and while I don't abuse it, I do play it hard from time to time. It's taken everything I've thrown at it and I'm sure it can take a lot more. I guess the only complaint I have here is that without the coat of lacquer, the wood (which is pretty soft) is relatively exposed and it's really easy to get dents and knicks on this thing. Those are all cosmetic blemishes, obviously--they don't effect the sound--and it's a fair price to pay for having a guitar that can breathe as opposed to one that's drowned in polyurethane.


General Comments

I'm sure that for a few thousand dollars, you could probably pick up a Taylor, Martin, Guild, or Gibson that sounds better than this guitar. And I'm sure that if you had a few thousand dollars more, you could buy a custom made instrument that would sound even better. For the price, though, you can't go wrong. A great-sounding solid wood guitar made in Quebec--not China, not Taiwan, not Korea or Mexico--for under $400. What more could you ask for?


I have more guitars than I have time to play, but this one gets played every week--almost every day, as a matter of fact. I'm in love with the sounds I can get out of this guitar and I'm always discovering new things. If I lost this guitar, I'd definitely go looking for another Seagull, although maybe a slightly higher-end model--something with electronics, probably. Overall, this is a great instrument!

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