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Sound Quality

Unlike other effects, this one sounds as good (or bad) as you make it. If you can't get a decent sound of it, you're probably not using it the right way. That being said, here's my setup: AKG WMS40 Flexx wireless > Boss CS-3 > Boss PH-3 > Boss OS-2 > Boss EQ-20 > Boss CH-1 > Boss RV-3 > Boss NS-2 On my board, there are two pedals that are always on regardless of what I'm playing--my equalizer and the NS-2. You can store nine presets on the pedal and have one manual setting, which gives you a total of ten EQs to pick from. Originally, I thought about having the on/off pedal modded to cycle through the presets, but after gigging with the pedal for a while, I realized that I never needed more than two EQs in one song. I don't know if that's the case for others, but before you spend money on getting the pedal modded, I would recommend playing with it a few times to see if you would actually use the mod. I have one preset that I use for clean guitars--both electric and acoustic--and a manual setting that I use for overdrive. My Les Paul, my Gretsch hollowbody, and my Ovation all sound great on the clean EQ, but the Ovation really shines. I have it EQ'd to be heavy on treble and bass so it cuts through the mix and it really just sparkles, especially with some reverb. The overdrive doesn't sound too great with the acoustic--passable at best--but I can't penalize Boss for that. Hard to make overdrive with an acoustic sound good with ANY setup.


It's a Boss. 'Nuff said. One of the most solid reputations on the planet and they make the most rugged, solid guitar pedals out there, hands down. I don't have the money to have duplicates of all my pedals, so I'm forced to gig them without backups. Because they're all made by Boss, though, it doesn't worry me a bit. Never had a single one of my Boss pedals fail on me, and I don't think I ever will.


General Comments

This pedal is really a great one. It gives you ten EQ bands instead of the six or seven that most EQ pedals have and really lets you shape your sound. The preset feature is nice and lets you switch EQ's seamlessly in the middle of a song, which is another definite plus.


The only bad thing I can think of about this pedal is that Boss discontinued it a while back. You can still find them on eBay (where I bought mine) and I've seen them turn up on Craig's List occasionally, but they're no longer manufactured. Meaning, if you see one for a decent price, jump on it--you might not see another good deal for a while.


If this pedal somehow disappeared from my board, I'd probably end up buying a GE-7, just as a stop-gap solution, because I really depend on having an EQ pedal on my board. I would definitely track another EQ-20 down as quickly as I could though. I don't think this thing can be beat.

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