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Gretsch Guitars G5120 Electromatic Hollow Body with Dual-Coil Pickups

Sound Quality

This thing goes out of tune quite a bit, especially if you really wail on the Bigsby, but it sounds absolutely amazing. I've played it straight into my Princeton Chorus amp and it sounds great, but here's the setup I usually gig with: AKG WMS40 Flexx wireless system > Boss CS-3 > Boss PH-3 > Boss OS-2 > Boss EQ-20 > Boss CH-1 > Boss RV-3 > Boss NS-2 > Marshall AVT50H/AVT412 half stack This guitar sounds absolutely great with my pedals, especially the overdrive. A nice bluesy, rockin' feel. I love it! When I started gigging with this instrument, my Les Paul spent three weeks in the case without being touched. It's really that great of a guitar. I've played my LP a few times since then, but my Gretsch is getting most of my playing time now. Really a great sounding guitar!


Everything on this guitar seems solid. I've had it for about a year now and nothing's ever failed on it. The output jack has always been solid--I don't even think the little nut has ever gotten loose. I really like the strap buttons, because the top of the button screws off, so your strap is effectively sandwiched between the guitar and a screw-on button. Kinda like built-in strap locks, I suppose. I play all of my guitars without backups and this one is no exception. A solid ten here.


General Comments

I've been playing for five or six years and I own an Ovation and a Seagull in addition to this guitar and my LP. I typically play rhythm guitar for the two worship bands at my church. Like I said before, this guitar easily trumps my Les Paul and if this guitar was ever stolen or damaged, I'd definitely buy another one.


I really like this guitar and have no regrets about buying it. If you're thinking about picking one up, I would highly recommend it!

Reviewer's Background

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