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Sound Quality

The only thing I can think of that might alter your sound at all is using the patch bay, which I don't use. In any case, it does a good job of keeping my pedals in order. Here's my setup: AKG WMS40 Flexx Wireless System > Boss CS-3 > Boss PH-3 > Boss OS-2 > Boss EQ-20 > Boss CH-1 > Boss RV-3 > Boss NS-2 All my pedals get power directly from the board and the AKG system is plugged into a 120V outlet on the board as well. I love the flexibility the three 120V outlets give me. As long as I can find somewhere to plug the board in, I have three additional outlets I can use for amps, other effects, whatever. A really great piece of equipment.


SKB makes excellent cases and when I went shopping for a pedal board, I decided that I would settle for nothing other than the best. I've had this board for a few years and although it's a beast to haul around (probably at least forty pounds with all my effects and cables inside), it's good to know that nothing short of a Mack truck (and maybe not even that) can harm my pedals. I use it three times a week at least, and never--not once--has anything failed on me. The actual board itself has bowed slightly, but that's probably a result of jamming more stuff than I really should into the case.


General Comments

All in all, this is really a great piece of equipment. It's tough as nails, dependable as all get out, and made in the USA. I have an SKB case for my Les Paul as well and both the LP case and the pedalboard have taken years of abuse and still work great. If someone was to steal my board, I'd be in pretty sad shape since all my effects and cables are in there too, but I would definitely rebuild my effects chain on this product.

Reviewer's Background

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