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Sound Quality

Here's my setup: Guitar(s) > AKG WMS40 Flexx wireless system > Boss CS-3 > Boss PH-3 > Boss OS-2 > Boss EQ-20 > Boss CH-1 > Boss RV-3 > Boss NS-2 > Guitar amp or PA system "Guitar(s)" refers to any number of the guitars that I play, and since I have three that I normally use with this board, I didn't want to list 'em all. Anyway, this pedal does what it's designed to do--no more, no less. Some of my pedals can get kind of noisy and when I use two or three noisy effects at the same time, there can be quite a bit of line noise, but the NS-2 kills it all. I'm not sure why people are complaining about the tone-sucking qualities of this pedal, because in my opinion, there aren't any. It's really pretty transparent. With a clean signal, it's impossible to tell the difference between having the noise suppressor on and having it off. Unless I'm running lots of effects at the same time, I have trouble remembering why I bought the thing.


It's a Boss. 'Nuff said. If a nuclear was to occur, the only things left working would be Boss pedals and Timex watches. I've used all of my Boss pedals (don't have the cash to buy two of everything) for years and none of them has ever failed me. Perfect 10.


General Comments

The main reason I bought this pedal was because one of the guitarists I play with thinks it's an absolute necessity. Whenever I play clean, I get mad at him for making me spend money on something that doesn't change my sound at all. Whenever I play with a ton of effects, I'm glad that I bought it. Like I said before, the NS-2 kills noise and doesn't color your sound. If this one were lost or stolen, I'd probably buy another one.

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