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Sound Quality

Sounds beautiful, especially considering the price. I wanted to add some tremolo to my setup (my amp has a digital trem built-in, but it sucks) and this delivers it at a low cost. Pros: - NO VOLUME DROP!!! - Bypass is great. No noticeable artifacts at high volumes and tone seems unaffected. - Overall it just sounds good. Cons: - Doesn't love distortion. A bit of drive sounds delicious, but too much and it sounds kind of gross. Could just be the nature of the effect though.


It's bigger and beefier than the pictures would suggest. The casing is very hard - some kind of aluminium alloy I would guess. I'd be confident throwing it down a flight of stairs. The switch feels a little bit on the weak side, but as long as you don't smash your foot into it TOO too hard it will handle pretty much any abuse. Gig without a backup? Hell yeah. Just don't start lighting the pedal on fire or anything :P

General Comments

I play pretty much all varieties of rock and a bit of jazz every so often to spice things up. Anything I play where I feel could use some tremolo - I use this and it fits in quite nicely.


I love the fact that it's incredibly orange. Pictures don't do it justice. Like... it's SO orange!


Lost or stolen: If I had more cash I might go with an EHX Pulsar - just because you have more control over the waveform (ie. make it asymmetrical, etc). Otherwise, no reason not to buy this pedal again.

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