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Sound Quality

I run through a Yamaha strat copy and a Crate combo. This pedal makes some severely mind blowing sound! Great range on it, too; anything from high squealing, eighties-hair-band-solo tones to hollow, throaty lows. Could stand to be a bit thicker, although through a humbucker it probably sounds pretty fat (I've got three singles, so couldn't say for sure.) It sounds really madhouse-crunchy when used with the amps built in overdrive! Connect it to your chorus pedal for some full blown metal noize!


One of these days, I'm going to fire a couple of hollow points into a BOSS just to see if you can kill the damn things! :) Bring lots of batteries or an adaptor, though. These suckers are hungry!

General Comments

As a metal player, I'd hav to say the Hyper Metal lives up to its name. The only other pedal that, in my experience, compares is the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone. Crisp distortion and a wide range make it an ideal gig pedal. And when paired with the built in overdrive on an amp, it sounds seriously savage and evil. :) God, I love this pedal!

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