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Sound Quality

The amp has a great sound at all volumes and with both humbuckers and single coils. It can go very loud, and when it does the clean channel is just as clear as on low volumes. It is good for most styles of music, such as rock, acoustic and punk, although the sound is very good, there isnt a huge variety of different sounds. Despite this, the sound level and quality is good enough for practise, gigging or recording.


My amp was made in 1994, and I got it in 2003, there hasnt been a sngle thing wrong with it since Ive had it, and the place I got it from said that it had never had any problems with it since they got. It is a very durable amp and will take plenty of wear and tear. I have complete faith in this amp and would gig with it without having a back up ready.


General Comments

The amp overall is great and even though it isnt in production any more, if it ever broke beyond repair, I would search for another one. I normally use a guitar with humbuckers, such as my Epiphone G400, whihc just further complements the amp. AS the overdrive isnt the best feature I also use a Wasabi distortion pedal. I would recommend this amp to anyone looking for an electric amp of an acoustic amp. If gigging with it, beware of the weight, its a beast.

Reviewer's Background

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