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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I spent an entire saturday night (about 6 hours) auditioning it. Connected using two XLR's into a mixer straight to monitors. It has a "raw untamed" tone on the distorion patches, very similar to a miked "tube amp". The effects are transparent and excellent!!! It has every effect I have ever used including the elusive "Phaser" which most multieffects\amp sims do NOT include....(my favorite effect ever)BTW, each effect has many controls to tweak its sound. YES, alot of the factory presets have too much effect level mixed in. BUT, its not so terrible that you can't hear the quality of this rack. Me and my guitarist were both awestruck by many of the presets and only made it to patch 90 out of 250+ or something (some patches were too good to move on to the next one and took an hour to test....lol) There was NO DELAY in changing patches, the sound change was instant! Because there are only so many hours in a night we did not tweak any settings, we literally just played some of the presets all night, they were that good. Contrary to "tech spec gripe guy" down below, the grapple grommet DID mesh with the filbert flange!!!! lmfao There was plenty of high end presence and treble, too much in fact!!! We heard no digital noise from the converters and the unit is extremely quiet. Also the hush system works very well and metal muting and rythm stops were silent. In fact the hush followed the sustain perfectly as it very slowly decayed into silence and quick stops were gated immediately. The whole hush system is quite immpresive!!! Both clean and distorted sounds were stellar with so many different RAW and powerfull tones available, its very inspiring to hear. Pinched and natural harmonics were SCREAMING out of this rack including the "Zack Wylde" low E signature pinched harmonic. I can't wait to check this out on my 77 marshall MKII lead combo... OR my Hughes and Kettner switchblade all tube programmable amp combo. IF I can pry myself away from it to report back, I will.... Finally, the effects worked excellently with the distortion patches without compromising the tone and sustain.


No issues yet Bought it used off a guy who had it for years....

General Comments

I like to play rock,metal,jazz,blues,classical,progressive,etc

I have been playing for 25+ years

I auditioned this rack using my LTD MH250 w/EMG LH300 passive pickups

Compared this with behringer Vamp2,Line 6 POD,many all tube amps... **NO CONTEST**

Very inspiring to play, didn't want to stop....

Nails many pro tones vintage and new!!!

Nothing gets a 10 here (it didnt make me breakfast the next day,lol)


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