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Sound Quality

Deep, triangular wave tremolo. I plugged it into my Tube Works 9100 combo alongside my vintage Traynor all-tube amp with tremolo and adjusted the depth and mix until they matched. The only knob I need to adjust it the rate. It has a compressor that's not much good. I use a Guyatone Flip TC-X tube compressor (not in the effects loop...in front of everything as a stomp box). But I leave the compressor on with the knob turned all the way down because the Hush noise gate and enhancer would great! Tremolo is critical to my sound, and I'm very picky about it. The Big Surf does a great job. I'll knock off a point because the compressor, while it does engage the Hush and enhancer, doesn't provide much compression.


No problems at all, no reservations about gigging with it.

General Comments

I play a variety of styles. Blues, classic rock (Love, Tom Petty, Lou Reed), soul and funk. This triangular wave tremolo gives me exactly what I need for a vintage, analog tremolo effect. If you absolutely have to have a square wave (REM, What's the Frequency Kenneth?) then you might want to consider a Boss pedal, Rocktron Surf stompbox (did I mention that the Big Surf is rackmounted?), or the Guyatone Flip VT-X tube tremolo.

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