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Gibson Custom Johnny Winter Firebird Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Pickups are off-the-shelf Gibson mini-humbuckers. Abrasive, cheap-sounding.


Only kept it for 2 1/2 days before sending it back for a trade


General Comments

Stay away. Not worth the $5,000 I paid. It's basically an aged Gibson USA Reissue. And the aging, while done well, renders the guitar kind of ugly. Johnny was a drinker for years and he abused that Firebird. Do you really want one that mimics a neck break, cigarette burns, fingernail rips, bubbles where guitar was apparently burned ....?


In other words, the relicing is obnoxious because JW obnoxiously abused the instrument.


This would be fine to hang on a wall, which is probably what Gibson figured purchasers would do. That's why they stuck in it cheap standard mini humbuckers.

Reviewer's Background

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