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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

The sounds available here are nothing short of excellent. Both clean feel as they were lifted right out of the normal and trebble inputs from my jtm45 all at lower volume. At high gain, the drive channels remind me of the harmonic rich slash tone from the use your illusions albums. At low gain, you get everything from nice calm blues tone through to crunchy rhythm. I use my JMP1 almost exclusevely for live shows and rehearsals where it gets hooked up to a Marshall JTM45 with a TC G-Sharp. The versatility of the patch system allows you to program everything from eq, volume, gain and channel selection to how much of effects loop is incorporated into the mix. Combine this with the fact that you can get the MPM4E footswitch to directly access any of the first 4 patches and automatically change the patch on your effects unit and you are left with an EXTREMELY versatile live setup.


Excellent. Have never had a problem with any marshall units I have owned.

General Comments

I see a lot of arguements about diodes and valves and to be honest, i dont really care, its the tone that counts. I CAN say that I have removed the br3 and other diode (to do an upgrade) and the clean is 100% unaffected which means that at least the cleans are all valve. The od channels still have the same gain but they lack the harmonic detail and clarity especially at low gain where they sound positively terrible. So yes, it does have diodes in the od channels but they are there to smooth things out and shape the overall sound, they are NOT the main part of the distortion.


Overall, I would recommend thet JMP1 to anyone looking for a live ready preamp with traditional Marshall tone. If you alreay have one and you are thinking of selling,... dont... you WILL miss it!

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