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Sound Quality

I use it with My home made Tele and with my Les Pauls (Epiphone) and it sounds good with both thru my Peavey Classic 100. I don't find it noisy but the neighbours might :-) I use it mostly by itself with a little amp reverb. It's powerful enough that no other effects are needed to make my point!!!


It's a Boss so I guess it's pretty dependable. I wouldn't gig without backups but this thing may never fail even if it spent an eternity by Satan's side.

General Comments

I've been playing as a hobby since the seventies. I like to play Blues and Rock and I found I could use this pedal for both but one has to ease off the guitar's volume if one wants to get a bluesy sound out of the HyperMadness pedal! I also use a Boss DS-1 a lot and now I seem to go to the HM-3 more. I now use the DS-1 for that softer bluesy sound. I don't see how one could not get useable sounds out of this little beast. It's powerfull and can give you pretty hard sounds but I did not find it harsh in anyway.

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