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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I'm using it with a Gibson Les Paul Studio, a Boss SE-50 signal processor, a Boss GE-21 equalizer, a Yamaha A100 mosfet power amp and a Mesa-Boogie 100 watt passive speaker. I've been fiddling with it for several weeks now, and I can't seem to get good distorted sounds. The clean sounds are rather good, expecially with the bass shift feature turned on. The two clean channels sound not too bad if saturated, even though they don't impress me much compared to other units. The distorted channels, well, unless I miss something important here, they are disappointing at best. They only sound decent with a massive amount of gain, but even then, the tone is not so good (a bit harsh with a lot of midrange no matter how one fiddles with the EQ controls). With low-to-moderate amounts of gain, the distorted channels sound quite bad. Very "glassy" and nasal, with very little sustain. I will keep on trying, but having read others' reviews, I don't think this unit will ever sound quite right. And I don't feel many hints of warm valve sound too; it sounds like solid state to me. I do prefer my Korg A4 for distortion, even though it's not hi-fi sound.


I have just recently acquired it used, and unless the above mentioned sound quality problems depend on some kind of tube consumption, I must say it seems reliable. AFAIK the internal battery is now about 12 years old, and it still runs (good thing, because I've read that it's a pain to replace); the unit has been carried about quite a lot (if in a sturdy rack) but is in good working order.

General Comments

Given the problems with sound quality, I would only recommend it if you were lucky enough to get it for a very good price, like myself (well, I had it for free!).

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