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Sound Quality

I am running the MP-2 to a Peavey classic 50/50 stereo tube amp - not to be confused with the 60/60 which lacks true tube amp character for some reason. I run a Digitech GSP 21 for effects (minimal) and midi-controller. I've read the other reviews on this pre-amp and must say that I am disappointed with the responces as they are very general and lack definition. I hear alot of, "lacks low end" from eq junkies and "noisey" from the gain freaks . In plain or simple terms, any more low end out of this unit and it would be un-micable because the boom would over-ride the tone and I have never in my 24 years as a musician heard a tube amp that didn't hiss when the gain was turned past 8. TONE is where this unit excels all others and it is very simple to achieve if you turn the compressor OFF, set the eq's flat, select your tube character (program) and evolve your sound from this point. As an owner of several tube amps (Mesa, Fender) this unit comes unbelievably close to matching any amp and is a hell of alot easier to lug around than 10 tube heads!!! Users such as Satriani, Vei, Petrucci, Lynch can't be wrong. If your looking for extreme bottom end - use a solid state amp ( a tube amp will never achieve the lower frequences of solid state). If you want to use the highest gain settings and over use the compressor - your going to lose your dynamics guys and gals on any amp, but if this is your thing - use the friggin' noise gate. If you want nothing but pure tube tone then use the MP-2 the way it was designed - as a preamp (nothing more- nothing less) and turn down the gain and compressor!!!


Have had mine for years and am very sorry they (ADA) are no longer around (conspiracy). My fenders and boogies always needed re-tubed and overhauled yearly due to road travel which is why I bought the ADA MP-2 in the first place and got away from the BIG amps. What a blessing!

General Comments

I have played music for 24 years on a semi-professional level and I play many types of music from blues to extreme metal and the MP-2 covers all extremely well and accurate. I have compared it to nearly everything on the market including the POD which so many seem to love. The POD is nice for sounds on the fly - but is very lacking in tube character. The MP-s simply does a far better job and the built in ampulator is fantastic for direct recording and also does a better job than POD or any other current hype items. My opinions are my opinions and not the gospel - so please do not take it as such. I am not the first nor the last word when it comes to advise - but it appears that some guys on here simply do not know what they are talking about when it comes to the MP-2 or what sound they're trying to achieve for that matter. Do not e-mail me with any obscene or offensive e-mail as I will turn it over to authorites and your internet provider will be notified. All other inquiries are more than welcome.

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