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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I've played it with my ibanez semi-hollow with gibson p'90s and a 60's telecaster. The hollow got a nice fat jazz sound sort of outta it, while the telecaster sounded brighter and crisper. (just like they're suppose too). the amp starts to distort/fuzz pass half way on the volume. but it does sound nice with any and all effects i've tried with it. I only use it as a practice amp and tracking demos, its a nice sounding amp for those situations where a big tube amp is too much noise. I wouldn't use it for a show, just practice. the clean doesn't stay clean at loud volumes.


Like i said before, i'll only use it for practice and demos. It's a solid amp. can't see much going wrong with it, and if anything does it's probaly from my misuse.

General Comments

It's a very good practice amp and fits whatever guitar you play straight into it. I handles pedals really really really really really good, and for a small practice amp you can get good tones out of it with great east.

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