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Sound Quality

it is the pedal i have been looking for for a long time. i play a 1974 gibson L6-S and a Fender 4 x 10 reissue Bassman. it's a very clean setup, so hiss is not noticable when i use this pedal, with a single coil or cheaper guitar it might be more noticable, it's really boosting or cutting whatever you put into it... I use this pedal for one thing - a treble and volume boost pedal. if you want the guitar to rise above the mix sometimes, this pedal is great for getting that attack. I play in a post-punk new wave band with lots of keyboard and picked bass notes, so sometimes i have to play 'edgy' instead of 'chunky' tone. this does ot without taking away a natural guitar tone, and sounds good through the Boss OD-2 afterwards, through the overdrive shape of the tone.


It would not break easily. i would not think of having a backup.

General Comments

I play the only guitar in a post-punk new wave sort of band. I need to generate a lot of different guitar tones on stage. this pedal is the best analog treble boost i could find for any reasonable price. i have been playing guitar for 11 years, and in bands for 5 years. I play a Gibson L6-S or a Guild S-300 in my band, through a Boss Vibrato pedal (try finding one of those..) the Boss GE-7, the Boss OD-2, the Dunlop Tremolo pedal, the boss DD-5, and the Boss Digital Delay/Reverb pedal, into the Fender 4 x 10 '59 Bassman reissue. It's a great setup and i use each effect in a subtle way. The GE-7 was the perfect fit into my setup, and makes my single note playing stand out of the mix. Great Treble boost, and probably good for other things as well, like metal mid scoops, or punk mid boost.

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