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Sound Quality

I can get a good heavy tube sounding distortion sound. Think of it as a Digitech Bad Monkey on steroids, or the best tube stack set wide open. Before the mods I did, I liked the pedal, it was a good sounding, but a sterile sounding pedal. After the mods, I REALLY like this pedal. It is more warm and full sounding. I also had to turn down the level. It has taken the place of my Nady Tube Overdrive (real 12ax7) and Rocktron Rampage. This pedal now beats them both and the noise is quite reasonable, whereas on the Rampage it is not. I am using a Fender Custom Shop FMT Telecaster With Hums (I have a DiMarzio X2N in the front) through a Crate VFX5212, DI'd to the board. Sounds great with this setup.


It's a Boss. I use it in my pedalboard with a power supply so I expect no problems. I do gig my pedals without a backup. But I always gig with a backup amp.

General Comments

I play Alternative Country Rock. There are times when I need a good hard sounding distortion and this pedal, after the mods, fills the bill. I have been playing over 40 years, have my guitar work on several CD's and my band has a CD out and we are working on the second CD right now. If it were lost or stolen I think I would get another. Too bad Keeley has ignored this pedal. It has assymetrical clipping and germanium clipping diodes at that. Best of all worlds. The signal path is limited by a bean-counter using the 0.0047uf cheapo caps, but that is an easy fix.

It does not have a true bypass, but it does have 1 meg Ohm input impedence and 1k Ohm output impedence with an active buffer.

So, mechanical true bypass is moot as this can drive long cables and get no signal degredation. The active tone controls are great as they really allow a wide range of tone. I am thinking about adding some tone caps and switching them into the circuit for tone changes, but the pedal sounds fine so it may be an exercise in futility. Maybe change the LED from red to blue. I like blue.

I really helps me do my job. I use it as a heavy rock rhythm and definitely a lead maker, and I am going to use it on a new slide guitar sone we are working on. I have seen this pedal go for $10 on ebay.

I think it gets a bum rap from the "hyper metal" name. Hyper overdrive would be more like it, or "Stack-in-a-Box".

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