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Sound Quality

its not like an original. but its not a bad pedal It sounds great if you use your neck pickup and turn your tone way down and guitar vol down a bit. Also sounds great with a wah used to filter out highs. Better with a Strat, but humbucker guitar is okay too. if you just flip it on with your bridge pick up it produces the most hideous, trebley, harsh, paint peeling, ear melting, crappy, sound i have ever heard. its so trebled out that you cant even hear the octave. Don't get me wrong, you can get some really creative sounds out of this thing. but you must work for it.


well built, heavy.


General Comments

You can get some amazing tones with this thing.

I got theTychobrae Artwork one which is cool but even more expensive.

It can also easliy sound like doo doo

it is WAAAAAAAY overpriced.


Reviewer's Background

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