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Sound Quality

I know everyone says "I'm not into getting someone else'e sound" but as a session player in the Los Angeles US scene, if a producer wants a pete townsend or steve hackett sound I think one should have the tools at one's disposal to deliver the goods. This pedal delivers big time. I am getting used to the satisfied facial expressions on clients faces when I step on this little jewel. Oh yeah, I like it too. Besides, doesn't Rock n' Roll have a long proud tradition of borrowing ideas from Little Richard? The distortion is in the classic Shin-ei style. I have an Orange Univox that I semi retired for the same reason I dont use my Maestro Echoplex, and my Vintage Fender Spring Reverb Unit , etc, and that is: though they sound great, they're big, fragile, and priceless, so I don't like gigging with them. So in replacing my Univox I tried out several SF clones, BlackCat, ChinaFuzz, etc. although they were good, I kept searching and decided to take a chance on MC-FX. WOW! SERIOUS MOJO! Although I cant say it's exactly like the SF (do any two superfuzz's sound exactly alike?) , I can say that it's VERY close and definetly in the same camp. The sustain is excellent. The harmonic content is constantly shifting and evolving and you never want it to end. You will want to crawl inside of your note and live there. If you check my other reviews you'll see I rarely give anything a 10. (okay, the HM-2, but that was a 10 for sounding crappy, which it does very well)


This is a extremely well built pedal. The hardware, workmanship, wiring, (even artwork), etc are as solid as a rock. Wouldn't even think of a back up, wouldn't need to.


General Comments

Any one looking for a raw over the top massive transistor based fuzz, Shin-ei/Super Fuzz/ Shaftesbury Duo Fuzz /Ibanez Standard Fuzz/Vintage, etc. but not wanting to spend a fortune, will love this pedal. I own LP's Strats, SG, ES225T, too many pedals, Amps: Marshalls, Fenders, Musicman, Bedrock, Framus Riot, JC120.

I have heard talk that MC FX is pricey. I only paid $200 US, which I thought was a good price. In any case Michael says he is trying to figure out a way to bring prices down.

If it were stolen I'd get another one for sure.

Reviewer's Background

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